Certification process


Is my product eligible for certification?

Materials, sub-assemblies and finished products are eligible for Cradle to Cradle certification.

There are a few exceptions.

  • Processes and services
  • Businesses
  • Food, beverages, medicines and fuels
  • Buildings and cities
  • All products that conflict with Cradle to Cradle principles (eg weapons, ivory products, dangerous products, etc.)


We analyze your product and production process

The C2C platform works with you to gather the necessary information:

  • The complete chemical composition of the product (Bronze or higher)
  • Recycling potential of components
  • Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Water consumption and impact on the environment
  • Social Responsibility

Analysis of toxicity to humans and ecology

Analysis of chemical ingredients by a material health assessor: Arche (Gent), EPEA (Hamburg) of MBDC (VS).



We create a certification file

The C2C Platform, in collaboration with the material health assessor, forms a certification dossier (Assessment Summary Report). This file is sent to the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. This institute audits the file.


You receive the Cradle to Cradle certificate

After a positive evaluation, the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute contacts you for the transmission of the Cradle to Cradle certificate. Your product is included in the database on the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute website.

You receive a Product Scorecard for your product as well as the Cradle to Cradle label. Use this label in your communication and marketing strategy.

product scorecard