BFS Europe NV – Improving the ecological footprint of events

Beaulieu Flooring Solutions Europe NV is a leading producer of needle punch carpets for a variety of applications, among which events.

The company is part of the Beaulieu International Group, a global family business that develops and co-creates flooring and material solutions to enhance the quality of living and working for every generation.

The Group works on building a sustainable future through their Sustainability Roadmap. “Route 2030” contains concrete sustainability commitments to reduce their ecological footprint to zero by 2030.

In the same vein, BFS Europe NV is very focused on sustainability. Among other things, it invests in the latest innovations for ensuring an environmentally conscious manufacturing process. The development of their Rewind® carpets is one of the realizations that fit this objective.

Rewind®: forward thinking carpet

Rewind® is a polyolefin-based event carpet with some key sustainable properties:

  • It was designed to be fully recyclable after use.
  • It is made without latex, because of which no water is used during the manufacturing.
  • At end-of-life, a Rewind® carpet can be easily converted back into a raw material for new products.

The Rewind® carpets were recently used as floor covering for the Royal Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and for European Green Deal village at the Europe Day in Brussels, Belgium.

For BFS Europe NV, it was important to receive independent, external recognition that the Rewind® carpets contribute to a circular economy. For this reason, the company already obtained the Cradle to Cradle Certified® certification at the Silver level in February 2020.

Long-term collaboration

Two years before this first certification, C2C Platform conducted a feasibility study. After guiding them in the first certification process for the Rewind® Flat and the Rewind® Dilour collections, we picked up our partnership in 2021 to prepare for recertification.

In February 2022, BFS Europe NV obtained once again the C2C Certified Certification at the Silver level for the two Rewind® product collections. The carpets were awarded at the Gold level for the category Material Reutilization.

In the next three years, BFS Europe NV and C2C Platform will continue their collaboration to further optimize the products and prepare for the Cradle to Cradle Certified​®​ Product Standard Version 4.0, the most ambitious and actionable standard yet.

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