Giesse: Cradle to Cradle on the road to a better future

The building industry is increasingly moving to sustainable modes of production, including a more efficient use of resources. Within this context, SchlegelGiesse invests in the development of environmentally responsible materials and products.

SchlegelGiesse, part of the Tyman Group, is an international manufacturer of hardware and sealing components for residential and commercial applications. One of its brands is Giesse, dedicated to the production of hardware for aluminum windows and doors.

An important asset within the transition to environmentally responsible building materials are certifications. These allow SchlegelGiesse to continuously improve the sustainability and circularity of its aluminum hardware. Moreover, certifications are becoming increasingly mandatory in several countries.

In 2021, SchlegelGiesse reached out to C2C Platform for the certification of two product ranges: Flash hinges and Brio Evo handles.

Flash hinges and Brio Evo handles

C2C Platform supported the company throughout the Cradle to Cradle Certified® certification process. We assessed their Flash hinges and Brio Evo handles against the certification criteria in version 3.1 of the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard.

In November, SchlegelGiesse obtained the Cradle to Cradle Certified certification at the Silver level for the following Giesse products:

  • FLASH: Two-handed hinge range for aluminum windows and doors.
  • FLASH XXL: Clamp door hinge range for aluminum profile with channel, adjustable in two directions with door installed.
  • BRIO EVO HANDLE: Reversible recessed handle range, with the possibility of manual mode operation (for aluminum doors) or automatic operation (for aluminum windows) to enable side locking of sliding sashes.

Only the first step

The company continues to improve the sustainability aspects of their products. They include the whole value chain in this exercise: from the raw materials and manufacturing process up to the final product.

Giovanni Liconti, Sustainability Manager at SchlegelGiesse: “The SchlegelGiesse C2C certification program ensures sustainability is embedded across our business, in the way we work and in our products. The C2C protocol is an incentive to a continuous improvement of sustainability of our materials and  processes, exploring the new opportunity of the circular economy.”

For SchlegelGiesse, the Cradle to Cradle Certified certification is “only the first step on the road to a better future.” To be continued…

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