JUUNOO – From single-use to circular

The Belgian start-up JUUNOO was founded in 2017 and produces circular interior walls. They developed a reusable wall that can be dismantled and reused at the end of its life. JUUNOO has branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and USA. Furthermore, JUUNOO offers its customers a buyback guarantee, buying back the walls from property owners […]

Giesse: Cradle to Cradle on the road to a better future

The building industry is increasingly moving to sustainable modes of production, including a more efficient use of resources. Within this context, SchlegelGiesse invests in the development of environmentally responsible materials and products. SchlegelGiesse, part of the Tyman Group, is an international manufacturer of hardware and sealing components for residential and commercial applications. One of its […]

CRH: Sustainable building materials

CRH is a global manufacturer of integrated building materials, products, and innovative end-to-end solutions for the built environment. With no less than 77,000 employees spread over 3,100 locations in twenty-nine countries, CRH is a leader in the building materials business. For CRH, sustainability is a strategic imperative for the business. They have integrated sustainability in […]